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  1. While I think the KBR site will play a role in the district, I think it will grow closer to some of the more established parts of EaDo. Factors such as access to public transportation, restaurants, etc. will be key. Growing a center away from those things is doable, but growing a tech culture isn't. Walkability, access to cool spaces to work and play, bike trails, etc. are all important as well.
  3. Sat outside yesterday at Chapman and Kirby. Thanks to Cindy, it was very nice.
  4. Reading this forum is getting more and more trying with all the arguing.
  5. Very cool re-use.
  6. The best way to spur new development is with tax incentives and a good economy. Ha. What is the best way to ensure Houston has a viable long term economy?
  7. Turn it into a giant automated parking structure. Would be awesome IMO.
  8. I believe that is for the Our Vodka Distillery.
  9. Before Top Golf came about, I thought it would be cool to put a "resort" on the south eastern part of downtown with a driving range on the roof. It would have to span 3-4 blocks. The skyline views would be amazing!
  10. There are a few players in the scene right now. Downtown will definitely be part of the district.
  11. That's the biggest issue. Keeping them in Houston. Creating a tech district will be key to this.
  12. Awesome post! The startup scene here in Houston has a lot of potential. We are working on creating a tech hub in an effort to harbor continuity, infrastructure, culture, etc. that is currently lacking. With a strong community, we'll have more awesome startups coming out of the city. Exciting times for sure.
  13. Policy in general is broken. Society could be so much more advanced ...
  14. I hear we are getting closer and closer to getting something in the Lovett site on Dowling. Possible a CVS and some sort of grocer. I'm hoping for Trader Joes.
  15. Build a garage and let people figure it out.