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  1. KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Tell me more about this mystery trailer? @Fitch
  2. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    ha - will whole foods offer GROUND FLOOR RETAIL?
  3. More coming to Midtown!

    @KinkaidAlum I will back down on HACS and I really didn't mean to single it out. I do agree it's all about the location location location. To me it seems every page on this post is a new outreach, medical or service building a new headquarters. I'm officially hoping off my soap box. I believe in both sides of Midtown - here's to praying for our Aussie getting financed and Central Market taking over the WF on Elgin and Smith if WF did pull out.
  4. More coming to Midtown!

    I DO have an issue with the aforementioned clustering of services and was just questioning if it will serve as a deterrent for growth in my hood. I encourage any of you who feel like I was picking on the homeless to go to this location where I saw a homeless person shitting on Caroline on my way home from work yesterday and see if you would want to develop something across the street .,-95.3717346,3a,75y,263.72h,78.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFmXd6ch2Pj7Ar9ArC6PS2g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 This is what I am afraid of in this area - maybe some of these new service/buildings can offer public restrooms.
  5. More coming to Midtown!

    If someone would count up the number of new projects/buildings that serve our homeless populations East of Main St. I think the number would be pretty high. The cynic in me has to wonder how are they making/raising that much money that they can afford new buildings ? I know this is a sensitive subject but worthy of discussion IMO for the future of Midtown which I am directly affected by.
  6. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    Here's to hoping it's a legal thing where WF didn't want their name plastered all over the Morgan Group's signage. Fingers Crossed - although a Central Market would kill here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Saint Vincent Square

    I've seen this being cleared when you take the flyover from 59 to 10 - wow this is pretty big for this area even if it's just condos. I like this little area!
  8. planting today - couldn't get pic - will get on way home.
  9. Summoning Monarch.............
  10. Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    There is something to Calhoun believe me thinks- someone chime in
  11. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    it was a banquet hall space as i member.
  12. Potential Mixed-Use at 1111 Main St.

    What the mole people want is a DRESS BARN !! Tatget would be cool, it would be nice to speed up the eventual natural progression and get a city target through tax breaks and monies. Make it happen Sylvester .
  13. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    it was beautiful waaaaaaaa waaaaaa