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Presidential Heads By David Adickes


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My girlfriend and I were driving around the studewood and I-10 area and she told me about some "BIG WHITE PRESIDENTS HEADS" that were located a couple of blocks behind that new target on Studewood. So we passed by there and I see them all lined up on a property of this industrial factory place. What is the story behind those figures?

My gf mentioned something that some millionaire order them to be made but something happen...

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No, the presidential heads were commissioned for some kind of presidential head theme park in Virginia, I believe. The ones off Sawyer are, I assume, preliminary or rejected castings. That is where the studio of the artist, David Addickes, is located. Around here he is better known for the famous "Big Head on Main Street".

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16 hours ago, bookey23 said:

Bump. Does anyone know what happened to these?

I saw them headed north on Crawford, later that day.  I assumed that they were "Headed" (in case you missed it the first time), back to David Adicks storage yard on Nance, but maybe they hit the road instead.  

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  • The title was changed to Presidential Heads By David Adickes

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