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city files lawsuit

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According to the city, its Forfeiture Abatement Support Team, consisting of personnel from the legal department, Houston Police Department and city inspectors, has developed extensive evidence that the clubs are responsible for common and public nuisances that threaten the safety and quality of life of the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.

Specifically, numerous offenses involving violence, drugs, and weapons are attributable to these clubs, the city contends.

The three clubs are commonly known as Max's, Player's, and Big Yo's.

forfeiture abatement support team?

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^^^^:lol: :lol: @ never been on richmond a day in their lives. I was on Richmond Avenue 2 Fridyay nights ago cruisin down the street and clubbin (not at them above mentioned clubs). But I don't blame y'all HAIF peeps for not goin in that part of town, so am I the only one that still goes down that street. **puts my stunna shades on** B)

Listen to any Houston rapper and he'll name Max's & Playa's Club at some point in his rap.
Don't forget The Matrix BABY! Edited by DaTrain
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