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FOX 26, its website debut


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I don't think that any (except maybe 1 or 2) of the Fox stations have their own website.

Actually, most of the stations owned by FOX have their own website. Since KRIV was one of the original FOX affiliates from back in '86, you'd think they'd automatically get one...

Since KRIV & KTXH are both owned by FOX- you'd think they'd get a decent site at the same time.

Too bad the placeholder site has been up since '01. Really would've expected something by now.

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At least FOX 26 is finally getting an expanded version of the website to relace the one that just says FOX 26 News and nuthin else since they did relaunch the newscast with a new logo and music package. But it will be called: www.myfoxhouston.com

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In my conversations with former upper managers who worked at 26, it was because of an old (maybe still current?) general manager who thought the internet was a fad and didn't think it was gong to go anywhere.

He stuck to his guns long enough that by the time he realized he was missing the boat, it would have been embarrassing to put one up and admit they were wrong all along (typical Fox thinking).

Then the story changed to they should concentrate on being a TV station because that's what they do. Of course, this neglects the fact that they're also journalists and above all COMMUNICATORS, be it by television or internet.

Eventually Fox as a network will put together a template for all of their owned web sites and 26 will be brought into the fold. Just like KTRK's web site is a clone of WABC/WLS/KABC, etc... and KHOU's web site is a clone of WFAA/KENS/KVUE, etc... eventually Fox will do its own template and everyone will look the same.

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i enjoy the city history section...

Welcome to the Bayou City! Ranked the "third most livable city in the country" by Places Rated Almanac in 1996 and 1997, Houston is famous for offering a vast range of opportunities and cultural experiences to its 3.8 million residents.

No way, in 96' and 97'? I'm sure nothing has changed in a decade ;)

Downtown During the day, the downtown skyscrapers are alive with activity and the sidewalks are filled with bustling executives in designer suits.
Everyone is in the tunnels!
Bayou Place, which features restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, and concert houses all under one roof, is the hottest new addition to the downtown entertainment scene.
If all of this is not enough to impress you, then give the underground tunnels and some shopping a try.
There they are.

Oh, and don't forget to "take a peek" at the "Brand New Enron Field!"

A short hike across the bridge that runs over the freeway will take you right to the gates of Six Flags AstroWorld and Six Flags WaterWorld.

I can't read anymore. I felt like I was in a time warp.

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