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Rename Metro Rail

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Who here thinks Metro Rail is a pretty bland name? Howabout if we named it the Hart? :D (Like Dart, but better.)

...and rhyming with SF's BART (Bay Area) and MARTA (Metro Atlanta).

I think S&RG's reason for considering this is because Houston METRO already has to share the transit brand name 'METRO' with LA, DC, SF, Seattle, Phoenix, Miami-Dade, St. Louis, Mobile and Cincinnati as those use it to operate buses and rail (some cities) there.

Possible names to change to:

*Houston MAX -- the MAX stands for a hybrid meaning of MAin Street EXpress and Metropolitan Area Xpress. "Say, let's take MAX to Relaint Park, whatcha say??" Get it. :) HOV Bus Routes can use this brand too: let's ride the HOV MAX to DT to work 9-5.

*METRO Route 700 -- it don't make no sense to call it the Red Line when all these other rail lines won't be around for another ten years to use all these colors. :blink:

*Main STreet Rapid Modern Trolley. Hell, all of the line is on the street, but at least it ain't Mickinney Avenue Trolley, Philly's SEPTA Surface Subway or Muni Metro that stops every two f***in blocks.

*Houston's Little Train That Could :lol::lol:

After all, there is nothing "Metropolitan" about a seven-and-a-half mile rail line at all. It stays inside Houston forever. :lol:

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Wasnt Houston's original rail system called the "Inter-Urban?"

That sounds almost Euro-sheik cool (kinda German)

And since this train wont see the suburbs for a long time, Interurban seems like a perfect fit.

I've always liked the old "Inter-Urban" name. But that was back when the cities throughout our region acted more independently of one another. These days, "Intra-Urban" would be more accurate.

But what I'd really like to see is my IRON TRIPOD concept implemented, fed by existing and proposed mass transit systems serving the Central Business Districts of each major Texas city. The maglev would be the Interurban. The local transit would be the Intraurban.

"...I live above Houston Grand Central and commute each day via the Texas Interurban and then by the Dallas Intraurban to Mockingbird Station."

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