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Chevy Tahoe Ad

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The link wouldn't work for me, so I can't tell what it is.

Works fine for me. Do you have the most recent Flash and do you have Javascript enabled?

As for wha it is, it is a thing Chevy did so you can mae your own commercial online. I think it may be a contest or something (to lazy to check). Pretty much they give you a bunch of short clips and you can use ten. You can put text with it also (they have plain color backgrounds also). Then you choose music for it and you can view it.

The one in the first post is...(I will just type out the text, and it has somewhat corresponding clips)

Notice what's missing?

Nobody is walking.

They're seeing the world...

...from the windows of their SUVs.

This powerful V8 engine...

...only gets 15 miles per gallon.

In a world with limited resources

...you don't need GPS...

...to know where this road leads.

Our planet's oil is almost all gone.

Peak oil is here. Maybe you should walk.

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