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Go Station EV Car Charging - 6215 Washington Ave.


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16 hours ago, Purdueenginerd said:

I know its a "station" but Im enthused by this development, only because of the novelty of it. Probably wont be in 15 years but I digress. Im curious of the economics of E-charging stations, surely they're gonna put a convenience store, and make more revenue from selling goodies right? 

Gas station owners do not make squat off the gas they sell.  The oil companies give the stations a tiny margin on the gas sales because the gas station is really just a way to create a captive audience for the convenience store. 

EV charging stations are a very different operation.  There is an opportunity to make a decent margin on the electricity sold if the EV operator buys enough electricity to get a good discount on the market.  And there are people planning EV stations that will work with a solar array.  The main challenge of an EV charging station is that it usually takes 10-15 min to charge an EV.  Any retail has to be geared towards giving people a place to hang out and spend a few bucks instead of just running in and grabbing Beaver Nuggets (mmmmm beaver nuggets).  So, there will be a lot of trial and error to see what EV owners respond to.  There will also be competition with traditional gas stations, with Buc-ees having plenty of room to install lots of charging stations and retail strip centers with plenty of room for EV charging stations.  Time will only tell whether people respond to a stand alone charging station with a coffee shop or some other retail or would prefer to just sit in the parking lot at Target and play on their phone while they wait.

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