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The Houston Clinic At 1627 Main St.

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Over the weekend I discovered a new Alfred C. Finn building! The building is The Houston Clinic that was built in the mid 1920s.  Looks like The Houston Clinic was established somewhere prior to the Main and Pease location.

From the newspaper The Houston Post. dated February 1, 1925.

Houston Clinic To Have Model Home

A structure which will represent the very latest and most modern features of the medical building construction, to be he home of the Houston Clinic, now is under construction at Main street and Pease avenue and is expected to be completed about August 15. It is the attractive Georgian style of architecture, and will place Houston in the front rank of Texas in another field of construction.

The first floor will house the X-ray department and industrial clinic operating rooms. From the entrance hall, a stairway and elevator will lead to the comfortable and neatly furnished reception parlor on the second floor where the office of the business manager and general offices will be at the service of all visitors.

Doctor's suites, consisting of a private office and three examination rooms each, will occupy one-half of the second  and all of the third and fourth floors. A well studied system of inter-communication will facilities the business and give their visitors and callers very comfortable service and personal attention at all times.

The nurses and attendants of the building will enjoy their rest rooms and neatly equipped service rooms.

A full basement under all of the building, covering an area of 50 feet by 75 feet, will house the complete mechanical equipment of the steam heating plant, ice water, hot water, compressed air and refrigeration systems. A large supply store room and work shop opens into the stairs and elevator hall that leads to the fourth floors above.

The foundation of the the building is being built to carry two additional stories, which will accommodate about 15 more doctors in the very near future. The firs unit of four stores and basement, with the mechanical equipment, will cost $150,000.

The plans were drawn by the office of Alred C. Finn, architects, and the construction is under his supervision. The Southwestern Construction Company was awarded the general contract, A.T. Vick Company, the electrical contract; The Dixie Heating and Ventilating company, the heating contract and Lee Roberson the plumbing contract.

Ground has been broken and the work is actively in progress.




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Here is a list of doctors/employees of The Houston Clinic.

From the Texas State Journal of Medicine dated October 1933.

P.R. Cruse, M.D.
James H. Agnew, M.D.
F.E. Dye, M.D.
C.O. Sansing, M.D.
Guy E. Knolle

C.P. Harris, M.D.

Surgery and Gynecology:
W. Burton Thorning, M.D.
A. Philo Howard, M.D.
M.B. Strokes, M.D.

H.L. Kincaid, M.D.

Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat:
T.L. Holland, M.D.
Urology and Dermatology:
W.A. Clark, M.D.
J. Thos. Jones, M.D.

L.I. Kercheval, D.D.S.

H.J. Rafin, M.S.

Business Manager:
Leonard Jones


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  • The title was changed to The Houston Clinic At 1627 Main St.

I have an address! I was able to investigate it due to the pharmacy building signage on a photo I found online.

Thigpen's Pharmacy was located inside of The Houston Clinic building.

Amazing, because I'm not sure actual address has been posted online.  Every mention of the clinic I saw was "Main & Pease" but I never saw an address attached. Only on HAIF!

Apparently these photos were taken in the 1950s. Awesome building by the way!! Do we know who the architect was?





Thigpen's Pharmacy was located inside of the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated May 11, 1950:




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