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Hardy Toll Road


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I dont have an answer, but I wish they would hurry. This is my speedway to the airport (downtown to IAH in 20 minutes during rush hour :)). While I feel bad for doing so, I admit to driving faster than the posted limit down Hardy Road to get to the tollway. I'm actually surprised they don't radar more often between downtown and the tollway.

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This is my speedway to the airport (downtown to IAH in 20 minutes during rush hour :)).

59 is my speedway to the airport. 20 minutes from downtown no problem even in rush hour. i rarely encounter much traffic or cops up there, and i park off will clayton so it works for me.

the only time i used to use Hardy is to avoid 45 when heading to dallas, but now the bottleneck is north of where Hardy hits 45 anyways, so i have no use for it.

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The answer is YES.....they will build an extension into downtown.

The new multimillion dollar 59-10 interchange is complete with "stub-outs" to easily add in ramps connecting to the extended Hardy, which would run along Maury St I believe. If I'm not mistaken, HCTRA already owns the ROW and has for quite some time. And IIRC, I remember reading a Chronicle article that stated the downtown extension of Hardy would be un-tolled....free up until after the 610 interchange becuase its so short. This would also server as a way to make it an attractable alternative for those not wanting to deal with the 45 headaches.

The only thing I dont know is when construction will acutally proceed. But I know a widening of the northbound from 2 to 3 lanes to match the southbound of the Hardy is in full swing. I believe, once this is completed, construction on the Hardy extension will commence.

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