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Vacant Lot - 8901 Hempstead Rd.


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Most times when I come by here they are loading out dump trucks with dirt that has been dumped here. Not sure where the dirt came from possibly from the Artistry Design District project. Guessing they are prepping it for sale. HCAD says it belongs to KNA Ventures Inc.






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fun fact, this site, during the first world war had several training trenches dug into it for the troops at the Now Memorial park military base. The trenches were visible from the air for several decades. Below is the site in December 1944. In 1953 there was some buildings put on the lot 8901 and it looks like most of the trenches were gone by the 80s... but I wonder if there are any archeological remains today. 



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That property was formerly owned by Stauffer Chemical and had been used for solid waste disposal. There is a deed restriction on the  property that prohibits use for residential, day care, etc.

Stauffer owned that property for a long time, certainly prior to 1951.

Here's one of the best portions of any of the documents related to this site. "place the whole world on notice":


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  • The title was changed to Vacant Lot - 8901 Hempstead Rd.

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