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Parking requirements in american cities are changing

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Just read this interesting article today in CNN, about how minimum parking requirements have shaped most American cities, and how those ideas are changing. Many U.S. cities are changing their parking requirements or dropping them altogether.




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I have noticed that urbanist ideas, which were - even just a year ago - pretty niche, have really come a long way toward entering mainstream media and discourse. This is encouraging, even if the content of these articles tends to be pretty...well, pedestrian.

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I'm just happy to see it as a topic in a major news outlet.

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it's encouraging, there's a lot of conversations happening around very pointed transportation topics. parking requirements, pedestrian safety, intersection safety, vehicle size disparity, creating roads that cater to more than just drivers. lots of specific topics in the general transportation sphere are starting to be taken to more mainstream discussion areas.

it's odd, the safety of the driver (and their occupants) has been a topic for generations now (since the mid 60s), but that's as far as any transportation topics have ever gotten in the USA. "Hey guys, we made driving the car safer for the driver and the occupants of that vehicle safer, job done!".

when you look at all of these topics as a group of transportation topics, you can certainly see that in the next few years (or maybe I'm being too generous and it'll take decades), that we are priming ourselves to make some adjustments to the current normal transportation methods.

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