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4107 McKinney St

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On 10/27/2023 at 11:55 AM, JClark54 said:

There will actually be two restaurants. The developer said an Italian coffee shop will operate from the caboose and another restaurant concept will run out of the building's first floor. Both will share the outdoor seating. The second floor will be office space. 

The renovation will be complete in early summer 2024. 


On 10/27/2023 at 2:28 PM, dart330 said:

The caboose is going to be part of Figo Sugo, currently in Bravery Chef Hall. They were serving sandwiches on Saturday of the home tour.

Houston Chronicle confirms Figo Sugo will be operating out of the caboose located at 4107 McKinney and/or 4109 McKinney St.

From an article published today:

The Cisneroses have already placed a bright red Southern Pacific caboose on the Eastwood property, where Bravery Chef Hall Italian spot Figo Sugo will operate a coffee-and-panini outpost with outdoor seating.


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Bravery Chef Hall Italian spot Figo Sugo will operate a coffee-and-panini outpost with outdoor seating.

Even if they are baking the pizzas downtown, I would take reheated slices in the caboose. I hope they can figure out a little bit more.

So so pumped for this!

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A Class 2 subdivision replat (C2R) was recently submitted for three lots at 4107 McKinney St and 4109 McKinney St. The subdivision plat is named Downtown Eastwood District. 

According to the information submitted, the reason for replat is "to create one unrestricted reserve." 

It looks like this will be on the agenda for the next Houston planning commission meeting on April 18.

The L.M. Greco Building at 4109 McKinney St will soon be home to Willow's Texas BBQ.





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