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Presswood Point At 900 W. 34th St.


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  • The title was changed to 900 W. 34th St.

The 1.81 acre at 900 W 34th St in the Oak Forest area.

A 24,750 sf building is on the property. Houston Area Sheet Metal Training Center previously occupied the property. Braun Enterprises purchased the land last year.

Braun Enterprises also acquired the property at 3409 Brinkman St last year. That property will be combined with 900 W 34th for an upcoming commercial development.



Corner of Brinkman St and 900 West 34th St
(Google Maps; August 2022)


Google Maps; April 2022


W 34th St
(Google Maps; April 2022)




Brinkman St
(Google Maps; August 2022)



3409 Brinkman St




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Renderings from a listing last year for 900 W 34th St.

Braun Enterprises is redeveloping the building previously occupied by Houston Area Sheet Metal Training Center.

From the description:

  • Brand new re-development in the heart of Garden Oaks and Oak Forest.  
  • Over 50K sf of Retail, Restaurant, and Creative office will be delivered... 


https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/k7Yh7W03bQzVVfqgHcHK8KeE7j8S-F9eDLKPfQ23oJk/Braun Enterprises 900 W 34th St Flyer.pdf













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19 hours ago, goofy said:


Braun redevelopment. 


This will be next door to the Prose on Brinkman apartment complex mentioned elsewhere. 

The marketing flyer for 900 W 34th St.





Site plan

Floor plan


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20 hours ago, IntheKnowHouston said:

Site plan

From the site plan, it appears BePlanted / Be Planted has signed on as a tenant. 

BePlanted is a vegan restaurant coming soon to 900 W 34th St in the Oak Forest area. It's one of several new retail slated for Braun Enterprises' redevelopment project.

Here is BePlanted's social media and website:



One of the earliest mentions on BePlanted comes from a tweet in 2021. Newton Architecture posted the interior palette for the restaurant:

"We’re getting our first look at the Interiors palette for the new BePlanted restaurant 900 W. 34th Street in Houston thanks to Native Citizen."







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Skiptown is opening its first Houston location at 900 W 34th St.

For several months, the pet center has teased a possible Houston location. Skiptown offers several services for dogs like grooming, boarding, and daycare. I don't know if the Houston location will have a dog bar and park.

Skiptown joins vegan eatery BePlanted at Braun Enterprises' redevelopment project.


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We just got a pet bar in 33 1/3… 

there’s also a dog bakery on 34th. It’s love my dogs but have yet to visit any of these places. The self services dog bath seems the most appealing thing. 

That’s 2 tenants and the old building hasn’t even been knocked down yet. 

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  • 1 month later...

Below is a  look of possible shops (or what Braun Enterprises has in mind) for 900 W 34th St. This was included in the wastewater capacity reservation letter:

  • 12,000 sf full service restaurant with 6,500 sf dining area, 2,800 sf patio dining
  • 2, 400 sf coffee shop
  • 7, 291 sf retail space and a fitness center w/ 50 occupancy
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Below are more details from the plan review pertaining to 900 W 34th St:


  • Ref / scope: (plan review information only)
    • Proposed: convert 23,292 sf to retail w/ sitework
    • 900 W 34th St
      Houston, TX 77018


  • Sheet G001 [cover sheet]
    • Retail center at 900 W 34th


  • Sheet G001a
    • Occupancy group: m | 388 occp
    • 1 story bldg / total floor area 23,292 sf
      • 12,656 sf 10, 636 sf
      • 1,451 sf breezeway


  • Sheet a101 [proposed floor plan]
    • 2 lease spaces between an interior breezeway


  • Sheet a101 [proposed floor & interior]
    • Lease space 101 - 12,330 sf
    • Lease space 102 - 10,340 sf
    • Breezeway 103 - 1,423 sf
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34 minutes ago, hindesky said:

Proposed plat for Presswood Point.


Presswood Point isn't the proposed plat for 900 W 34th St.  The plat is for another property. This is for 1629 W 34th St where the school Village Montessori is planned. Also, I posted the plat yesterday in the 1629 W 34th St topic:



On 6/15/2023 at 1:04 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

The replat consists of 1629 W 34th St and 1625 W 34th St. This is in the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area.



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  • The title was changed to Presswood Point At 900 W. 34th St.

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