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Favorite sushi restaurants?

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What are some of your favorite sushi spots, HAIFers? I’m always looking to try new places, as sushi is my favorite meal, lol. 

Some of the ones I’ve tried (in no particular order):

Ka Sushi (Heights)- Pretty good, not outrageously expensive. They had some weird and fun creative rolls. 

Uchi (Montrose)- Of course! It was really good, I’d definitely go back, provided someone else is footing the bill :P. They had great non-sushi items, too. Very vegetarian/vegan friendly and they’ll do a veg omakase for you. They were super accommodating of my husband’s allergies, too. 

Tobiuo (Katy)- Great sushi at reasonable prices (compared to Something more expensive like Uchi). If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. These guys are also behind Kanau in Midtown (I’ve yet to go there. I think they’re more sashimi-focused) and the upcoming Money Cat in Upper Kirby.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill (will be in MKT Heights development)- this isn’t open yet, but I had them when I was in Dallas. They have great sushi, and lots of creative vegetarian/vegan options- moreso than some places I’ve been to. 

A lot of times I just wind up going to Kura, lol, which is fine, but I also wanna try more “fancy” places.  

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Kata Robata is my usual go to.  The non-sushi items are really good too.  Kata is probably the best quality/price sushi place inside the loop.  

MF Sushi if you feeling fancy.

For reference I've been to Uchi and Kanau...  I prefered the more traditional menu at Kata.  It has been several since I've been to Uchi so maybe I should try again...

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