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Bank OZK At 4409 Montrose Blvd.


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With the demise of K-Arts (KRTS/Seabrook 92.1), has anyone heard what's to become of their nice building on Montrose Boulevard? I know Radio One has or is planning to move the operations of what is now KROI into Greenway Plaza.



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5 hours ago, Earlydays said:

Whoever came up with that bank name should be fired......probably the CEO.

Ozark has become a pretty big player in major real estate deals in NYC so I think they wanted to sound more global than rural Arkansas. 

Interesting WSJ article.



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On 2/15/2022 at 9:31 AM, clutchcity94 said:

Did Bank OZK buy the land or lease?

The law firm on the second floor of the building had purchased the building back in 2016 from Jim Crane. There was a financial services company on the first floor that had an existing lease, so maybe their lease was finally up?

Or maybe the law firm sold the building, I haven’t spoken with anyone from there in several months. I’ll try to gather some intel.

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1 hour ago, clutchcity94 said:

I’m sure Chase is thrilled. Will the entry way into the branch be from the rear of the building (non-Montrose facing side)?

I don't think this is a "retail" branch from the looks of it.

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  • The title was changed to Bank OZK - 4409 Montrose Blvd.
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  • The title was changed to Bank OZK At 4409 Montrose Blvd.

No one has handed out more U.S. construction loans over the past year and a half than a midsized bank in Little Rock, Arkansas. In fact, no entity is even close.

Bank OZK handed out more than $3B in real estate construction loans in 2023, while its closest competition, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, each originated less than $2B, according to MSCI. As most banks are pulling back from the real estate sector, Bank OZK is leaning in — it followed up last year's dominance with another $688M in construction debt in the first quarter. 

“We're getting a much larger share of the pie right now, but it's just a smaller pie,” Bank OZK CEO George Gleason told Bisnow in an interview this week. 

The 121-year-old financial institution sits in a unique position in commercial real estate lending, spending decades of economic and real estate cycles building its lending arm into a linchpin of development financing. Its construction lending business totaled $12B in outstanding loans at the end of the first quarter, 44% of its total real estate balance sheet. 

But while construction loans are often seen as some of the riskiest debt instruments in commercial real estate, especially amid a banking crisis centered around CRE debt, Bank OZK's gambles always seem to pay off. 


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