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How Many Bars Can The Intersection Of Emancipation And Wheeler Ave. Support

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This corner  (SE) has had a very busy bar ie DBar ( noew renovating space next door to sell food)for 4 years, also a “ sometimes “ busy bar D’Legacy that opens sporadically. A fancy  (NE corner)restaurant ($40+ per plate) tried to open 2years ago but residents were extremely vocal against it, being suspicious ( more than a few bars started out that way) that it might open as a restaurant but likely would close quickly and reopen as a bar. Then Sparkles hamburgers  opened beside D’Legacy ( puzzling but somehow no hard liquor will be used in their daiquiri recipes)the building seems built ( few windows) well like a “bar” . The residents again were suspicious that that restaurant would turn into a  full blown bar. BTW there is little available street parking as that part of Wheeler and the Rosewood street have permit parking only.

Now close by residents received post cards that the D’Legacy bar will be renovated ( probably leaving partial original building for grandfathered liquor license) and turned into a beer garden. The lot next to ir on wheeler probably part of this deal.

The lot next to 3rd Ward Tours ( Barber and Bastrop) is requesting liquor license for a Turkey Leg “satellite location.



So as I attend the Southcentral PIP , Civic club and Superneighborhood meetings, I hear over and over from residents that live within a 2 block radius that FIVE bars on this one corner are TOO many.


yes. There is lots of discussion about attracting  new business especially Black owned businesses but the neighborhood ALL the neighborhood wants to know why it has to be bars?


IMO DBar is NOT a good neighbor, besides the shooting at Christmas 2017– there are nightly complaints about noise and trash, weekly complaints about fights in parking lots or the many motor cycles competing for most street noise. That food truck with constant motor running from 2am to 4 am ain’t winning any friends either and the trash pile after it moves is discusting !!!

The neighborhood has HPD, HPD’s/parking on speed dial. Even HFD is called when too many people are crowding into that small space. The health department was called because of the way their grilling of food was suspicious. Despite all this—- the parking lot is full of high dollar cars that park with impunity on ROW sidewalks close to fire hydrants and stop signs. I just heard a HPD/ parking rep say she had no recollection of ANY parking complaints filed at DBars location—-I gave up filing parking complaints after I had posted 17 all with pictures. I was advised to resend all those complaints and the department would “ take a look”


But DBar must be made of Teflon- no complaint sticks and liquor licenses seem to be granted too a myriad of different names at same address.


all that’s left I guess is to vent- lol



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I meant to say that Sparkles doesn’t do hard liquor in their daiquiri 


i had had had the operator on 7138843131 try to intimidate me when I call fabout noise but I remind her the the captain of Southcentral told me ALL calls are important— this usually met with silence.

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I'm terrified of what this is going to do. My homes on Emancipation are two blocks away and already get so much trash on them from the bars. 

Do you know is we can make Emancipation parking permit only? 


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I found this thread looking for an update on the beer garden at Wheeler and Emancipation 


parking permits are not always a useful tool for home owners. Rosewood east of Emancipation is permit parking only......but to be effective the parking patrol must come and ticket offenders. So far the parking patrol seems to be patrolling elsewhere.

the s@me for Wheeler street east of Emancipation. You can call and report violators  but that does seem to translate into actual police cars coming to the area.

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ESPN Analyst Dunks on Departing Houston Athletes While Touting the City’s Incredible Food Scene


According to Marcus Spears, the stars who are leaving the Rockets, Astros, and Texans must be very mad to leave a city with such amazing food 

by Brittanie Shey@brittanieshey  Jan 29, 2021, 10:17am CST

Houston sports fans have had a rough go of late, with three star players for three of the city’s top teams leaving — or asking to leave — the Bayou City in recent weeks. ESPN sports analyst Marcus Spears captured Houstonians’ frustration perfectly in a video that went viral on Twitter yesterday, essentially saying that Houston’s food scene is so lit, things must be really bad for these stars to want to leave the city. 

The video came after news that Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans quarterback, had officially requested a trade yesterday.

“Let me tell y’all how mad you have to be to leave H-Town,” Spears begins. “First, there’s this place called Turkey Leg Hut. They’ve got the best turkey legs ever known to man. It’s the most poppin’ restaurant in the country. Everybody visits there when they go to H-town.”

Spears goes on to extoll the food at both Frenchy’s — “It’s probably the best chicken you’ll ever eat”; and Pappadeaux — “Pappadeaux in Houston [is] poppin’”. At the mention of Frenchy’s, fellow analyst Dan Orlovsky, who was a backup QB for the Texans, closes his eyes and starts nodding his head as if he’s being taken to church.

Spears, a former defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens, grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so he surely knowns good Cajun food when he sees it. In a tweet, Houston Chronicle writer Greg Rahjan jokingly called the video “basically a Houston chamber of commerce promo.”

Deshaun Watson is just the latest athlete to announce his desire to leave Houston. Last week, Astros outfielder George Springer was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, and before that, Rockets guard James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It’s worth noting that both Harden and Watson are involved in Houston’s food scene — Harden’s brand new restaurant Thirteen just opened on January 22, and Watson’s line of cheesesteak joints, Lefty’s, is recently opened a second location in Houston’s Northshore neighborhood.

Towards the end of the video Spears mentions two other benefits of living in Houston — shopping at the Galleria, and the fact that Texas has no state income tax.

“Deshaun Watson AND James Harden trying to leave H-Town? There’s some serious stuff going on.”


I was watching this on Espn when Marcus Spears was giving some mad rep to Houston's food restaurants on why Houston's athletes shouldn't want to leave our fair city.


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