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Cell phone dead spots

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I’m interested to hear where people have discovered cell coverage dead spots in seemingly unlikely (densely populated) areas around town. I drive through one every day, I-10 at Kirkwood, very narrowly located right around that intersection, whether you’re driving on the freeway or on the feeder. It’s worse on the north side (westbound). My carrier is AT&T. 

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I have AT&T as a carrier as well. I can't count the number of times I've been sitting in Lola's at 11th and Yale cursing the inability to get a usable LTE signal. You'd think that one of the central intersections in the Heights would have good cell coverage, but no. I've submitted weak-signal reports from that location many times via AT&T's Mark the Spot app, and it did seem marginally better the last time I was there, but I'm going to have to see a more consistent pattern of improvement before declaring the issue resolved. 


I've been tempted to switch to Verizon before, as their network tends to be better in populated areas, but their rural coverage is weaker in Texas than AT&T's, and my wife drives out of state semi-frequently enough to where I don't want to risk her having no coverage over a larger area than with AT&T.

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I have AT&T as well and I live in a total dead spot.  I-10 and hwy 6...you'd think that would be a dense enough area but apparently not.  I also have trouble in Cinco Ranch (out there for work all the time) but I think it has gotten better over time.

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