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Outside Restaurant And Bar At 601 Richmond Ave.


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Any updates on what the construction crews over at 601 Richmond are working on?  Brooklyn Athletic club was the former occupant of this space, but they've been closed for nearly  a year now, if not longer.

The latest update I heard was that Pi Pizza's Anthony Calleo was opening a new restaurant in the space, but that was last reported on back in July 2018 (source: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/07-19-18-whats-eric-eating-podcast-anthony-calleo-pi-pizza-new-montrose-restaurant/#slide=0).

Anyone know?

I also noticed that the two old brick houses directly adjacent to this space are on the market for a cool $1M each (source: and https://www.har.com/4316-jack-street/sale_33223330 and https://www.har.com/4320-jack-street/sale_27800941).

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43 minutes ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

A bar is replacing what was last Brooklyn Athletic Club at 601 Richmond Ave, Houston Montrose.

The bar's name: Lotti Dotti

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lottidottibar/

Website: http://lotti-dotti.com 


Thanks for the update! Where did you hear the news? I’m hoping this new business can put some pressure on the city to clean up the nearby homeless encampment on the 59 S on-ramp (which is less than 500 feet from this property).

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2 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

This is about Lotti Dotti at 601 Richmond but I thought there was another thread about parking garages in Montrose to put this in.

From Houston Food Finder yesterday:

As parking can be challenging in this area, the Lotti Dotti team hopes to build a parking garage within walking distance.




There is another parking garage for the purpose of providing parking for businesses under consideration for lower Westheimer.


Building a parking garage, eh? That might explain why 4316 Jack St and 4320 Jack St are listed for sale at $999,999 each...

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9 minutes ago, Toopicky said:

Good luck with Lotti Dotti with all the bums at that corner. Until they are cleared out this location will suffer


This. My wife and I actually swung by there on Saturday. We were sitting on the patio, right next to the metal fence, when a homeless man on a bicycle yelled an expletive as he threw a full beer can towards the fence. It landed two feet from my wife, luckily on the the street-facing side of the fence.

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22 minutes ago, crock said:

it suffers from not being in midtown proper or lower westiehmer proper and if you're already getting in a car to go to that part of town you're ending up at Axelrad. 

Will be interesting to see how this pocket of Montrose develops once the tech innovation area next door is complete.

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Eater article on the subject cites social media pages which ominously hinted at “unforeseen circumstances.” The location isn’t the best, but there is a lot of road construction going on down that stretch of Richmond currently which probably didn’t help.


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  • The title was changed to 601 Richmond Ave - the old Brooklyn Athletic Club / Lotti Dotti space
  • The title was changed to The Old Brooklyn Athletic Club/Lotti Dotti At 601 Richmond Ave.
  • The title was changed to Outside Restaurant And Bar At 601 Richmond Ave.

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