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Wild Saturday Nights On HAIF


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:lol: I know alot of people have much better social lives than I. It is 1am on Sat. night, and I am here with some other online friends, chatting it up. I unfortunately have to work allday, even though I know it looks like I get nothing done at work, because I am always on here. That is the beauty part of being an Internet Manager, where I work. I went to work at 8:30 am today, and was gonna cut out early and drive my musclecar to the Hot Rod meet at Otto's Bar-B-Q at the Fountains, in Sugarland, but of course I don't get out of work until 9:00pm and I am dog tired. So I come home, my daughter is gracious enough to stay up and wait for me to come home. I keep her up til 11:00pm, and my wife pleads with me to put her in bed. My wife is already in bed, at this point, so I get to tuck my Princess in. She is just like her Dad, a nightowl, I wonder if that guy is bigger than me ? Anyways, I just wanted to shout out to all the late night ruffians perusing the boards this fine evening, feel free to check in here. :) Edited by TJones
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I have been playing Taxi Driver to my teenagers all day and night. Last pickup was at midnight...so I find myself up late tonight. Just thought I'd look over the forum before hitting the sack... Here it is an hour later..and I'm still finding new things to read. I love this place.

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