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Knives of all sorts

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I'm not an expert so I'll let somebody else answer that.


Here are a few chef knives that I want.. I like the "hammered" blade look. Looks rugged and strong.  I'd like to buy a Nakiri given I'll be using this knife to strictly cut vegetables.



Colors are nice too!



A long with a custom board like this..





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Love this black/blue Nakiri



Michio Ishikawa is a 4th generation blacksmith working for Nakaniida Traditional Blades. The workshop is located in the Miyagi Prefecture and has been in operation for over 350 years. What sets this blacksmith apart from any of his contemporaries is his use of the technique known as Nakaniida. This age old process involves 28 steps and is notable in that the blade is hardened 3 times. This entire operation is carried out by Mr. Ishikawa. To add to the originality of his knives, they are all single beveled.

This nakiri has an unusual single-beveled and thus comes with the customary inclusive edge angle of about 20 degrees as opposed to a double edge where the angle is around 30 degrees. This enhances the cutting abilities, makes food release easier, and minimizes wedging. However, it does result in a blade that is restricted to right-handed users. The handle is a nice custom octagonal using burl wood and it's stabilized for long use.


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The problem with nice knives is that when you travel for holidays with family, and you know you're going to be asked to cook, or even carve, you MUST bring your own equipment.  Apparently, some people are afraid of properly sharp cutlery.  Bless their hearts.

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Nakiris are double bevel knives designed specifically for working with vegetables. Nakiris are characterized by their flat profiles and squared off tips. This profile makes these knives ideal for push cutting and chopping but awkward for rock cutting.


 Nakiris are often ground thin to optimize performance and they benefit from a refined cutting edge. A similar design is the traditional single bevel usuba which is also designed specifically for use on vegetables. Nakiri enthusiasts may also want to consider the Chinese cleaver which performs a similar function with a somewhat similar profile.



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