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Question About Email Signature


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America is getting even more stupid because the overuse of chat room acronyms like LOL, OMG, LMAO, and WTF.

Now I am seeing emails ending with :D or :P - what does that mean?

For example...I am opening this thread because I am not cool anymore! :D ":D"

OK, now this may answer my question. I just saw a happy face when I typed ":D" and ":P". I think I get it now???

I just found this, so this will answer all of my questions.


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I still didn't know what LMAO mean't so I looked it up and found this site:


2 --- "to"

2B - "to be"

2B||!2B -- "to be or not to be"; from the C Programming Language logic operation 'OR' "||" and 'NOT' "!".

4 - "for"

AFAIC --- "as far as I'm concerned", or "as far as I care", or "as far as I can..."

AFAIK --- "as far as I know"

AFAIR --- "as far as I recall", or "as far as I remember"

AFK --- "away from keyboard"

ASAP --- "as soon as possible"

ASL --- "age, sex, location"; used when a user wants to find out more (i.e. age, sex and location) about a fellow user. Also used as an introductory phrase.

B2B --- "business to business"

BBL --- "be back later"

BBS --- "be back soon", or "bulletin board service"

BFD --- "big ____ing deal"

BRB --- "be right back"

BTW --- "by the way"

CU --- "see you"; used as a goodbye.

CYA --- "see you"; used as a goodbye.

CYS --- "check your settings"; a phrase often said by technical support staff of a certain Australian ISP.

C&V --- "chapter & verse"; used in newsgroups.

C|N>K --- "coffee through nose into keyboard"; a Unix-ism meaning.

DMY --- "don't mess yourself"; from an episode of The Simpsons.

DUN --- "don't"; commonly used by Singaporeans.

FAQ --- (formal) "Frequently Asked Question"

FFS --- "for ____'s sake!"

FUD --- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; purposeful spread of misinformation.

FO --- "____ off!"

FOAD --- "____ off and die!"

FOAF --- "friend of a friend"; the dubious attribution given to urban legends

FTP --- (formal) "File Transfer Protocol"

FXP --- (formal) "File eXchange Protocol"

FYI --- "for your information"

G2G, GTG --- "got to go", also "good to go" in MMORPG or MUD settings.

G4Y, GFY --- "good for you", or "go ____ yourself"; the use of this acronym is ambigious and not recommended.

GAGF --- "go and get ____ed"

GG --- "good going" or "good game"; used sincerely in online games such as trivia, but more often used sarcastically when someone has done something foolish. Also, it is now becoming customary for all players to say "gg" when the game is over in such games as Counter-Strike, unless a player is profoundly displeased with the outcome.

GJ --- "good job"

H8 --- "hate", or 'H1' to 'H9' to indicate how much does a person hates something.

HAND --- "have a nice day"

HTH --- "hope this (or that) helps"

IANAL --- "I am not a lawyer"; usually used before a non-lawyer gives legal advice, as a humorous disclaimer.

IANARS --- "I am not a rocket scientist"

IC --- "I see", also "in character" in MMORPG or MUD settings.

ICYDK / ICYDN / ICUDK -- "in case you didn't know"

IIRC --- "if I recall correctly"

IMO --- "in my opinion"

IMHO --- "in my humble opinion", or "in my honest opinion"

IMNSHO --- "in my not so humble opinion"; an egotistical alternative to the above

IRC --- (formal) "Internet Relay Chat"

IRL - "in real life"; usually in MMORPG or MUD settings.

ISTR --- "I seem to recall"

IYDMMA --- "if you don't mind me asking"

J00 --- Leet speak for "you". Commonly spelt as j00, as in leet speak the letters are usually in lower case and O's replaced with a 0's.

J00R --- Leet speak for "you're" or "your". Commonly spelt as j00r, as in leet speak the letters are usually in lower case and O's replaced with a 0's.

JJ --- "just joking"

JK, J/K --- "just kidding"

JOOC --- "just out of curiosity"

K --- "OK"

KEWL, KOOL --- "cool"; in the American sense.

L8 --- "late"

L8R --- "later"; as in "see you later"

LEET, L33T, 1337, 31337 --- "elite"

LMAO --- "laughing my ass off"

LOL --- "laughing out loud", or "lots of laughs"; as a reply to something amusing. Also "lots of love" (not as common).

MYOB --- "mind your own business"

NM, NVM --- "never mind"

NOYB --- "none of your business"

NP --- "no problem"

NSFW --- "not safe for work"; indicates that a link should be avoided due to pornography or other content unsuitable for the workplace. Used by Fark and some message boards. See also SFW.

NT --- "no text"; used on Internet forums or Usenet to indicate that a post has no content.

N/M --- "not much"

O --- "oh"

OIC --- "oh, I see"

OMG --- Exclamation, "oh my God!"

OMFG --- Exclamation, "oh my ____ing God!"

OMFL --- Exclamation, "oh my ____ing lag!"

OOC --- "out-of-character"; usually in MMORPG or MUD settings. Also, "out of curiosity".

OT --- "off topic"

OTOH --- "on the other hand"

PFO --- "please ____ off"

PITA --- "pain in the ass"

PLS, PLZ --- "please"

PO, PO'd --- "piss off", or "pissed off"

P2P --- (formal) "Peer-to(2)-Peer"

QOOL, QOOLZ --- "cool"; in the American sense.

R --- "are"

R8 --- "right"

RL --- "real life"; usually in MMORPG or MUD settings.

ROFL (or ROTFL) --- "rolling on the floor laughing"; as a reply to something extremely amusing.

ROFLMAO (or ROTFLMAO) --- "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off"; as a reply to something extremely amusing.

RTFA --- "read the ____ing article"; applies mostly to Slashdot threads, for users who make comments on a story without having read it first.

RTFM --- "read the ____ing manual" or "read the fine manual"; the frequent reply to a request for basic help from newbies who have not attempted to find the answer for themselves.

RTFP --- "read the ____ing post"; derived from RTFA and also used on Slashdot.

RU --- "are you"

SCNR --- "sorry, could not resist."

SFW --- "safe for work"; material (pictures, webpages) that is safe for the office. Used by Fark. See also NSFW.

STFU --- "shut the ____ up"

SUX0RS --- Leet speak for "sucks". Commonly spelt as sux0rs, as in leet speak the letters are usually in lower case and O's replaced with a 0's.

TBH --- "to be honest"

THNX, THNZ, THX, THZ --- "thanks"; this can be combined into 'kthx' (OK, thanks), 'plzkthx' (Please, OK, thanks), and 'kthxbye' (OK, thanks, goodbye)

TIA --- "thanks in advance"

TTFN --- "ta ta for now"

TTYL --- "talk to you later"

TY -- "thank you"

U --- "you"

UR --- "you're" or "your"

WOOT --- Originally a hacker expression used after gaining root, now a general expression of joy over some outcome.

W8 --- "wait"

WDUWTA --- "what do u wanna talk about?"

WTF --- "what the ____?"

WTH --- "what the heck?", or "what the hell?"

W/E --- "whatever"

W/O --- "without"

X>* --- definition of something [X] is better than everything [


YMMV --- "your mileage may vary"

_|_ --- an offensive emoticon signifying the middle finger

<3 --- "love"; made from the ASCII art heart between the less than symbol and the three.

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Awsome, I have a WYSIWIG T-Shirt - good ole Lotus 123. And I did say stupider, I am suprised no one called me out on that.

Seriously kids can't write anymore, and we can't even spell correctly on TV with McDonalds "I'm Luvin it" (would it kill you to put another "G" on the word. I don't care how hip you want to be. We even have ABC's "LOL" Friday.

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One I ran across recently:


What You See Is What You Meant

Supposed to be the new big thing in word processing, where instead of highlighting and clicking and lots of stuff that slows you down, you can use key combinations as you're typing to do most everything.

Sounds like SpeedScript, or WordStar on CP/M back in my 1982 computing days.

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