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Home At 2119 Freeman St.


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Yeah it looks good on the inside too. It is located on Freeman on a 2500 square foot lot. I still have two cousins from New Orleans that are searching for a house. They are currently living with my mother and this is the closest to what they left accoridng to them. They are willing to pay more but since they are not thinking about having kids they are comfortable with this, but they are still searching. I thought for under 800 square feet, 100K was questionable, but they claim it is nothing from the town they left where houses in historic districts can cost double or triple of what is shown here.

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I see it's in the North Main area. 1 block from the proposed rail is good. It looks like it's been given a generic remodel, which is not necessarily a bad thing. 780 sq. ft. would make most people break into a guffaw but it's livable for a person or 2 .

I personally would try to find something larger in that area for that price, but of course you'd be looking at semi-dumps probably. That's just me but I would rather recreate my own place from scratch. Get into a dumpy house in a dumpy neighborhood and watch both improve with age. A heck of a lot better than buying a 25 year old tract house and watching hoodlums start to run the streets as you grow old.

The area is ready to explode but most people are still a little freaked out about the neighborhood around there, which means it's a great time to buy. Not as great as 5 years ago though. Those old homes around there are another potential positive. Sure, it's speculation but what isn't speculative is the eventual rail presence and the area's prime location. I'm hoping that, once the rail and Interurban center go in, those old homes will get bought up quickly and restored like the one you've found. A lot will be dozed but hopefully enough will be saved to give the area a permanent old-house feel as a backdrop for new development.

My gut feeling is the home is a little overpriced too.

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Thank you. It still remains a mystery why they are not considering rebuilding but I thought it would be appropriate to stop bugging them about that. I thought N. Main area was about right too. We did a search in the heights and this is what we found.

Thanks for the info danax. I will make sure that they read it. They felt they were overpriced when living in what they considered a hoodlum neighborhood in New Orleans. I seriously doubt if they want to relive that again. Plus they are not use to living in areas where people are priced out of their neighborhoods because of gentrification. ;)

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I found this cute little restored New Orleans style shotgun online for $98,500. The house is 95 years old and 780 square feet. Good deal coinsidering everything or overpriced?



HCAD has it on the tax rolls for 1/4 of the asking price, and 460 sqft. I wouldn't touch that house for anything over $45-50k...espescially with a lot that tiny. Furthermore, IF values explode in the area, the value of that property won't rise proportionately because the lot and house are so small. Find a dump in the area on a bigger lot, redo it, and save yourself $25k...and end up with a much nicer finished product.

Sad thing is, somebody from out of town will probably come along, buy it, and get screwed on it.

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