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Villages Equivalent In Houston?


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Actually the Village was the model Lincoln Property Company tried to duplicate with the Greenspoint renovation project Cityview. They thought they would have the same success, I don't have to tell you the outcome.

Greenspoint was obviously a bad choice for Cityview. If they had tried to create the same thing say, in Rice Military they might've been ok. Lucky for the inner-loopers that they didn't. I say a massive apartment area like that is just a ghetto in the making unless it's very well-located.

I don't think we need to worry about something like that happening here as finding 330 acres 5 miles from downtown to build apartments on is not happening. Maybe in 1975, but not from here on out.

Hopefully we won't pass any socialist "affordable housing" laws that would subsidize some similar version of this down the road.

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Unless they have completely rehabbed the place in the last 10 years, The Village is a cheezy dump. It was all the rage in the 70s and early 80s, similar to that big complex on Richmond. :huh:

By the 90s, it was just a huge collection of outdated apartments. Anyone that lived there seemed like he/she was stuck in an 80s time warp...including my friend! I've not heard anything about it recently, suggesting, to me at least, that it is still the same ghetto it was in the 90s.

Any Dallas residents want to give us an update? My info is a couple of years old.

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I don't think there is anything like that in Houston. Your best bet is in Midtown.

My info is old as well on The Village...

But in 1995 all my buddies from Southwest Airlines used to live there. We used to play tennis there all the time.

It was pretty much party central around there. The best thing about them was the location. But you always kinda felt like somebody was lurking in the shaddows.

The place ALWAYS smelled like sweet, sweet cheeba.

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Yes, the Villages were quite successful in their prime, but like most complexes, became viewed as run down over time as newer competition lured away their target market. Nowadays they are struggling, and some nearby complexes are some of the higher crime areas in the city.

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