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Anybody remember the teenage boozers segment from Ch. 13's Eyewitness News on May 15th, 1980 ?

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On May 15, 1980, I was more interested in graduating from 8th grade and getting ready for high school in the fall to be too concerned with boozers.


Thank goodness that idiotic cross-district integration plan went nowhere. Considering the ethnic makeup of many of the surrounding districts now, it would have been a waste of time, money and students educations. Actually, forget the current ethnic makeup... even if things had stayed exactly the same demographically, it still would have been a waste.

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Rotary phones, Frontier Airlines, peel-apart Polaroids, Pontiacs, Marvin Zindler, "Dallas" are just a few of the things that bring home just how long ago this was.
Even more so is the Ron Burgundy style of reporting. Yep, that little lady Janet Guthrie (who later was the first woman to race in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500), well the little lady's kind of hot under the collar because she can't find sponsors. She's right upset. Imagine that, a lady race-car driver. Well I'll be.
Speaking of teenage drinking, wish I could find the Marvin Zindler piece from circa 1987, where he exposes the goings-on on Lower Westheimer. "These kids are out there driving down Westheimer and they're drinking, and playing loud music, and picking up girls! It's disgraceful!" True, there were a lot of kids who cruised Westheimer, but following his report the number quadrupled overnight. Zindler's report had the opposite effect than intended. It was the very best advertising one could hope for. Everyone wanted to be part of the action and Wesheimer was like a parking lot on weekends, until the cops finally cracked down.

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