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18 hours ago, Sunstar said:

If Cleveland wins the World Series, I think Houston will take on the title of most hard luck city in all of sports. 


Depends on how you define it.





Several North American cities are believed to have championship droughts among their "Big Four" pro sports teams:

  • 53 years – San Diego since 1963 AFL title (pre-Super Bowl), no World Series title, no NBA title (Clippers relocated to Los Angeles in 1984)
  • 51 years – Buffalo since 1965 AFL title (pre-Super Bowl), no Stanley Cup title since joining NHL in 1970–71, no NBA title (Braves relocated to San Diego in 1978).
  • 46 years – Vancouver no Stanley Cups since joining NHL in 1970 (The CFL's BC Lions have won six Grey Cups, last in 2011)
  • 45 years – Milwaukee since 1971 NBA title
  • 39 years – Portland since 1977 NBA title. (MLS's Portland Timbers won the 2015 MLS Cup)
  • 37 years – Winnipeg no Stanley Cup title since joining NHL in 1979 (The CFL's Blue Bombers have won ten Grey Cups, last in 1990)
  • 31 years – Sacramento waiting for first since 1985.
  • 28 years – Charlotte waiting for first since 1988. (Super Bowl appearances in 2004 and 2016)
  • 27 years – Calgary since 1989 Stanley Cup (The CFL's Stampeders have won four Grey Cups since then, last in 2014)
  • 27 years – Orlando waiting for first since 1989.
  • 26 years – Edmonton since 1990 Stanley Cup (The CFL's Eskimos have won four Grey Cups since then, last in 2015)
  • 26 years – Cincinnati since 1990 World Series title (No Super Bowl Titles)!
  • 25 years – Minneapolis–St. Paul since 1991 World Series title (1969 NFL title (non-Super Bowl), 1954 NBA title, however franchise relocated; no Stanley Cup titles). This is the longest current championship drought for any metro area with a team in each of the "Big Four" leagues.
  • 25 years – San Jose No Stanley Cup title since joining NHL in 1991.(2016 Stanley Cup Finals Appearance)
  • 25 years – Ottawa No Stanley Cup title since rejoining NHL in 1991. (2007 Stanley Cup Finals Appearance) (The CFL's Rough Riders won nine Grey Cups, last in 1976)
  • 24 years – Washington, D.C. since 1992 Super Bowl. (1978 NBA title, 1924 World Series title, however franchise relocated, no Stanley Cups).
  • 23 years – Montreal since 1993 Stanley Cup (The CFL's Alouettes have won three Grey Cups since then, last in 2010)
  • 23 years – Toronto since 1993 World Series (1967 Stanley Cup, no NBA titles since joining in 1995, the CFL's Argonauts have won four Grey Cups since the Blue Jays' last World Series title, the Argos' last in 2012).
  • 21 years – Houston since 1995 NBA title (MLS's Houston Dynamo won the 2006 and 2007 MLS Cups)
  • 21 years – Jacksonville no Super Bowls since Jaguars joined NFL in 1995
  • 21 years – Atlanta since 1995 World Series title (no Super Bowl, NBA, or Stanley Cup titles).
  • All year counts are including 2016.


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7 minutes ago, Hastings said:

And the poor Cubbies can't make the list because of the Bulls? 108 years not counted because of that? Now that's harsh.


I grew up near Chi-Town......they need this.

Since 1986, Chicago has won 11 championships in major sports. Not harsh at all.  Chicago has been pretty successful.

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This is why I will always like Wikipedia better than the encyclopedias it replaced - the currentness of it



In MLB, the Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908. This is the longest drought in North American sports. Some cite the Curse of the Billy Goat as a reason for the drought. Even if the Cubs had won the 1945 World Series, they would still hold the longest drought in MLB, as the next closest team to them is the Cleveland Indians, who last won the World Series in 1948. Those same two teams are currently engaged in the 2016 World Series. [Emphasis added]


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One note on the droughts:

The Cubs last won in 1908, but continued going to the world series 7 times after culminating in their last appearance in 1945.

The Indians last won in 1948, after the Cubs last appeared.  They've appeared 3 times since then, most recently in 1997.  


So even though they both have long droughts, the Indians have only gone 19 years since a World Series appearance while the Cubs have taken 71 years to get to the world series again.


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