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How Surprised Are You


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On 12/16/2016 at 3:36 PM, Sugar Land Art said:

Last year was a tragedy and step back. This upcoming year though I have even higher expectations than I did this year. We have reloaded adding a couple of bats and arms. I'm glad we didn't trade any of our core young guys.

Well we won it all lol 

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It looks like we are on our way to a great 2018 season as well. Hopefully the strengthening of the bull pen will pay off. One can hardly ask for a better season than last year's but a repeat WSC would be wonderful.


BTW, my parents' house took on water in Harvey so they bought about $4,500 worth of furniture from Mattress Mac to replace some of what they lost. Guess what? Free furniture! Go 'stros! and thank you, Mac, for supporting your community. :D

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