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HAIF moderator URBANNIZER, please meet HEINEKEN...


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URBANNIZER, since i am always away working abroad, i harbor the luxury of belonging to many many forums, websites, including social media this... and social media that.

i have had the pleasure at some point or another, to come into contact with quite a few hardworking forum moderators, hall monitors, grammar policemen, including chicken hawks...

you name it... and i can honestly assure you, that i know of none that seems to bring forth the sheer quality and hard work that you seem to strive for upon a daily basis.  i do not like to 

patronize people ( some people are quite shy and they don't really like it).  however, i am going to patronize you anyway... YOU ARE THE BEST MOD EVER!

the work that you perform day in.. and day out for us is always qualitative and straight to the point.  and whenever you want something from us, you harbor no

problems in asking.  GOD only knows that you have put up with our bickering from time to time, and yet, you are always fair to us.  therefore, i monarch, shall take

this golden opportunity on behalf of ALL of our wonderful HAIF stalwarts, to offer you a cold HEINEKEN, and to render a very heartfelt....



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