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Building A Deck Up to Property Line

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I know an uncovered deck doesn't require a building permit as long as it is not 30" above finished grade. We live in a detached single family in Lindale Park. We do not have an official HOA (nothing with real teeth anyway).


I'd like to build a deck in my side yard up to my property line, but can't find anything on the COH's website restricting it. It will likely be visible from the street from the right vantage points and the last thing I want is to build one only to have to tear it out later.



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There may be a utility easement there, which would require you to remove the deck if the utilities need work. Even if your HOA doesn't have any real teeth, you ought to abide by any applicable deed restrictions if you don't want people to assume you are evil.

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Whether you can or can't build a deck up to the property line is an easement and deed restriction issue.  You should have gotten a copy of your deed restrictions when you closed.


Another thing - make sure you know exactly where the property line is.  Fewer things can get ordinarily mild people more riled up than someone else building on their property (essentially trying to swipe it).


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It would get me riled up as well - good point. There is a fence separating our property from the one next to us and my recent survey verified its location in relation to our property line.


It would be smart to have a conversation with my neighbor beforehand regardless. I'm planning on fixing the run-down fence in the process, so hopefully they're game.


Thanks Mollusk.

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