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Fox 26 KRIV-TV Houston: Where are they now ?

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Hey there ladies & gentlemen, here's some photos and videos of KRIV-TV Fox 26 Houston newscasts & the list of folks, who used to work at this station in the good ole days: **Below are photos of Fox 26's studio set with the sprawled downtown skyline, which they kept until sometime around 1994.



November 6th, 1988: 10:00 PM weekend newscasts with Mike Barajas, Jocelyn Lane, Steve Mark & Shaun Rabb.



June 9th, 1989 7:00 PM newscast with John Davenport, Fran Fawcett, Robert Smith & Mark Berman



7:00 PM newscast close with the screenshot of the Fox 26 studio set with their skyline, which ChannelTwoNews mentioned that it was unveiled during the Metromedia days.


Here's the list of anchors, reporters, etc., who used to work at Fox 26:

Mike Barajas (1986-2011): weekend anchor from 1986 until around 1992; weeknight anchor (1992-2011)

Melinda Spaulding (2004-2017): now working at Texas Southern University

Angela Chen: moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles, CA

Fran Fawcett

Jan Jeffcoat

Anna Devalantes (later moved to WFLD-TV Fox 32 Chicago)

Chau Nyguen

Hank Plante

Jocelyn Lane

Steve Mark

John Davenport (I know he died back in 1993, but I'm assuming he was still working for Fox 26 then)

Robert Smith (weahter anchor for Fox 26 from around the mid 1980's-until sometime in the 2000's)

Ford Atkinson (reporter/weekend anchor)

Natalie Bomke (now at WFLD-TV Fox 32 Chicago)

Olga Campos

Keith Watkins

Darian Ward (former Press Secretary for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) until she was forced out due to scandal)

Erin Anthony

Monique Nation (died in 2001 from cancer: way too young to go)

Larry Griffith

Todd Duplantis

Shaun Rabb (used to do the weather for Fox 26 back during the 80s, he's now working in DFW as a reporter)

Ginger Casey (moved to KHOU-TV CBS 11 sometime during 1986)

Anita Martini

Linda Cheek Heinrich

Dave Sheehan




If I've missed anyone, let me know and I'll edit the list & comment on the videos of these videos back in the days of Fox 26.



1988-11-06 KRIV-TV Fox 26 Houston.jpg

1988-11-06 KRIV-TV Fox 26 Houston (3).jpg

1988-11-06 KRIV-TV Fox 26 Houston (4).jpg

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Here's some others, who used to work at KRIV-TV Fox 26

Ned Hibberd (1988-2013): now assistant news director at WJZY-WMYT in Charlotte, NC

Nancy Zambrano: didn't last no more than 5 months: went back to Austin

Pattie Shieh (1989-2011): later went to radio station News FM 92 as a reporter. Now currently working at Lyondell-Basell

*Her last news report was cussing on live TV, which was LOL LOL LOL.

Matt Lavine (1990-2007)

Cecilia Sinclair (1992-2007): weeknight weather anchor

Carolyn Glanville: Investigative reporter

Matt Sampsell (1999-2008): sports anchor/reporter

Taslin Alfonzo (2002-2005): morning anchor/reporter: later went to WDSU-TV New Orleans (2006-2009) & currently working as Director of Marketing at the West Jefferson Medical Center.



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You forgot Kristi Powers, who took over weather at one point.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think KRIV changed more than just the set. They changed the whole location of the station, moving from Westheimer to their current location on the Southwest Freeway.

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Oh yeah, they sure did move out of the Westheimer studios in 1997. I remembered that one.

Purple Devil, WNYW-TV gave Fox 26 a replica set back in 1994 (either summer or fall that year).

Lloyd Gite used to work at Fox 26 as well.

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7 hours ago, Blue Dogs said:

I'm assuming during their 7:00 PM Newscasts including during the Metromedia days ?


I'm pretty sure that was Hank Plante & Ginger Casey.


Fran Fawcett & Jim Marsh I think were the pair during the first few years of the Fox affiliation. After he left, there was Dave Barker and then after him Mike Barajas started co-anchoring the primetime newscasts for a number of years.

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