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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, here's some old-time video opens from KPRC-TV NBC 2 Houston from the 1980s and early 1990s for y'all's input and comments to make about them.



Here's one from November 15, 1992's weekend 10pm newscast and note they've still got the downtown news set (which is expanded), but they've removed the "Channel Two News" sign at the very top of the set.


January 9, 1991



Nightcast 10pm open from April 19, 1989 with Ron Stone, Jan Carson, Doug Johnson & Craig Roberts:


November 5, 1991: Election Results coverage of KPRC-TV:


December 30, 1987 10pm newscast: I'm going to assume they didn't unveil their expanded downtown skyline until around 1988:


If anyone else can comment on this, let me know.


November 4, 1990: KPRC-TV News Brief:


November 4, 1990 10pm weekend newscast:


May 17, 1989 6pm newscast: Bill Balleza, Jan Carson, Doug Johnson, Craig Roberts:


May 16, 1989:







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I'm glad you posted the pic of Bill Balleza.  He's been at KPRC so many years and I always had the impression that he never aged, other than his hair going silver.  But, he really does look young and skinny in that pic!


Actually, for me the really old days were back when KPRC was located in a converted quonset-hut styled building off Post Oak Road, just south of where The Galleria is now.  During part of that time, their lead anchor was a guy named Larry Rascoe ... and I seem to have a vague memory of seeing him deliver the news while smoking a cigarette.  Certainly that's an indicator of how times have changed, if my memory is correct.


I also recall that at some point, a new manager was hired, who immediately fired much of the old guard, probably including Larry.  I can't remember all their names, but I was sad to see them go.  I remember having a mild resentment toward their replacements for some time after that, especially since they seemed rather bland & generic by comparison at the time.  


I feel bad to say it, but I haven't watched the local TV news for years, other than occasionally lingering on a channel to see who's still on-air.  After a while, one loses interest in the never-ending procession of stories about murder, fires, car wrecks and the like.  

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