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Transaero Airlines

Sellanious Caesar

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Last week, Transaero received the green light to launch new service from St Petersburg to London and Moscow to Houston.

Transaero will become the second Russian designated operator to fly the London-St Petersburg route. Currently, Aeroflot’s subsidiary Rossiya is the only other Russian designated operator on this route. Starting this summer, Transaero plans to fly seven services per week to London.

The airline will become the second carrier to connect Houston with Moscow. It plans to operate this route five times a week. Currently, Singapore Airlines operates Singapore-Moscow-Houston route under a codeshare agreement with Transaero.

Houston will become the fourth U.S. destination. Currently, Transaero has approval to operate flights to Los Angeles, Miami and New York JFK.


Received approval back in February. When will we see it start service and officially enter the Houston market? Assuming it goes through as projected by the statement, this will be foreign airliner (flag carrier) #17 for IAH.

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^It depends on how far the sanctions go.  Transaero is not Putin's lapdog airline... so I don't think it will hurt them too much.  I would think the FAA would go ahead and allow this to happen.  Though I think you do raise a valid question.

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Hmm.. when this news came out in February I heard that it was just updating the codeshare with Singapore Airlines. But that article states pretty plainly that they are planning their own service. I'm not sure if IAH-DME can support two carriers, but maybe Singapore would route their flight through a different city? Not sure where else would work. I guess Oslo maybe would have been a possibility before the Scandinavian Airlines announcement. Maybe Copenhagen, Hong Kong, or somewhere in India? Those all seem pretty unlikely, but I'm just speculating.

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Singapore should have started IAH via Asia. Seoul, Taipei, or even Hong Kong service would have worked. However, since SQ's arrival in Houston, Air China, Korean Air, and a second daily Tokyo flight have started. Rumors are strong that Eva Air is about to jump into the market as well. 



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Have to wonder how the last few weeks in Ukraine may impact this. With economic sanctions aimed at Russia, I would think even profitable airline gates could be at risk for Russian owned airlines.

You bring up a relevant point and perhaps the unrest with Ukraine is why we haven't heard more about this since February but my guess is that it's still a go. Transaero is still a company and Russia is the biggest energy provider to Western Europe, it's only natural for the US and Russia to collaborate more of their energy sectors.

This will probably happen before long, when things go back to normal. As for EVA, that's great news as it would put IAH at 18 with these two carriers. The code share that was approved was for Transaero

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