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Should We Pay Kids A Nickel To Eat Fresh Fruit In School Cafeteria Lunches


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The article brings up stats concerning waste increase when more fresh fruit/veggies  are added to kids cafteria lunches (required in new Federal guidelines)- but I liked this little thought provoking  nugget :


"They found that a few more kids did eat produce when it was given to them, but the new policy dramatically increased schools' lunch costs and the waste in their cafeteria trash cans. When the same researchers offered kids a small incentive, such as a quarter or even a nickel or raffle ticket, as a reward for eating produce, more kids made healthy choices and schools saved money and cut trash."


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Personally, I think that they shouldn't force kids to take fruit at all and bribing them with trinkets is a bad way to foster a healthy habit.

Also, if schools are still doing fresh fruit the way they were doing it in the late 1990s and early 2000s, they'll seemingly get the cheapest, nastiest oranges or the bitterest, hardest apples they can find.

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In my opinion this isn't the best idea for one thing it just makes kids eat this just for the benefit of 5 extra cents in their pocket. I think it's truly up to the parents who should discipline their child's eating habits early on so that they make the choice of choosing the orange over the double chocolate brownie and if they want the brownie they should learn to set a goal such as, if I eat one orange a day I can have one brownie at the end of the week. As for the actual produce in school lunches, I have experienced this first hand and yes, school lunches don't provide the sweetest oranges or the softest apples, heck the only credible item would be the oak farms milk pints.





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