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How Do We Bury St. Joseph?

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OK, I swear this is a serious question!

My girlfriend is selling her house in Inwood Forrest. Her cousin in Florida told her to bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in her yard for good luck. Has anyone ever heard of doing this?

Well, Michelle just got back from Florida and brought back a statue her cousin gave to her. Now we are ready for the

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Man, that is so funny for many reasons, but here's what to do:

You dig a hole near the sign in the yard and bury St. Joseph in it, (cheap statues work just as well as expensive ones), upside-down and say a little prayer over it. We actually bought the statues at a Catholic store that included the prayer to recite. I can only speak from personal experience, but all three homes we've sold so far seemed to sell as soon as we planted the statue in the yard. The anecdotal stories about this abound, but I've heard that once you've planted it, you can never find it again, whether that's due to no one caring to dig it up once the house sells, or just forgetfullness. As far as I can say, I would have to recommend the practice. Good luck! BTW, what street is her house on?

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Right now Joseph is in the back yard garden conversing with the statue of Mary. Tomorrow we will hold the burial ceremony. Michelle has the prayer to go along with the service.

The house is on Victory at Leaning Oak.

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