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Lake Greenspoint At Greens Bayou

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Greenspoint could be getting a "lake."


Ambitious plans for development around the lake, which seems like a stretch. I've always thought a walkable area is best suited for lower incomes since owning a car is so expensive. Would be nice if they could keep the developments affordable, but seems unlikely if it goes forward as planned. Although I can't imagine that area gentrifying, either.


In response to frequent flooding along the Greens Bayou Corridor, SWA group was retained as part of a design team 
to innovatively mitigate floodwaters while also enhancing the value of adjacent real estate as part of an economic, 
recreational, and habitat restoration strategy. Traditionally, developmental has turned its back on the bayous and 
drainage ways that support our urban fabric on the Lower Texas Gulf Coast. SWA demonstrated the possible value 
of an urban alternative that creates high value waterfront amenities. The resulting plan links an 11 mile long trail 
system of interconnected parks to a major lakefront center of mixed living and recreational opportunities, while 
also discreetly adding additional storm water capacity as a prime, beneficial improvement."





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