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Public Art Installation On Esplande At Bomar And Montrose Blvd.

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I’m excited to hear this.

when I first started attending Neartown…….2008? That Neartown President was also part of a coalition (with various developers and realtors who went on to take up seats on MMD)to improve Montrose Blvd from  Allen parkway to Mecom fountain. The idea was a series of widened medians capable of having  a pathway, plus lots of greenery and even public art. 
The goal was of course to give pedestrians crossing over Montrose a safe midway point to protect from oncoming traffic but also to improve that stretch to attract businesses.

maybe this is a case of what goes around comes around………..

There was someone who told the story    ( then) of huge palm trees planted on an esplanade down Montrose Blvd ( brought by train flatbed in 1911) from Westheimer to Richmond. Those palm trees were cut down when that section of Montrose Blvd was widened and improved.The residents were assured that new palm trees would be replanted—- that never happened.

Still during all the talks from that time in 2008- replanting palm trees was discussed over and over……….

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