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Greater Houston Looks Like Greater London Uk !


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good point in showing the relationship. They are just on a much larger scale than we are. They have over 10 million people in the region (not just city) in about the same land area we have our city and suburbs.

MidtownCoog would be one of the best people to talk about this for more accurate info.

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M25 is pretty much their BW8. I read they even wanted to build a third loop (Grand Parkway) around London.

I never drive when I am there. Gatwick to Victoria Station, cab to The Strand, and buses and the tube to get around town. And don't forget the congestion zone fees if you want to drive in the city.

I have a co-worker in London who spends 1.5 hours each way, using a combination of car, train and tube. Makes me relish my <30 minute drive to downtown in my hot-rod.

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