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April Fools Disney Park The Woodlands


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although that wasn't true, there is a texas-themed amusement park being proposed at loop 336 south in conroe, north of the woodlands. there is a website about it, i don't remember the name. it looks cheesy if memory serves and is across the street from thousands of currently quiet homes. i hope it doesn't come to fruition.

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Theme parks are such a drag. Houston has tons of major theme parks already. The last thing we need in Houston are more touristy spots. Houston is already known world wide for being the epicenter of fun. Houston's tourism industry is already second to none. Grand Texas, EarthQuest or any other theme park would severely hinder Houston's ability to attract residents.

Ask anyone in cities that have major theme parks. They are generally regarded as the shame of the community. Theme parks are considered to be poison for all other businesses that surround it - especially hotels and restaurants. People hate theme parks. This is why most major metro areas in America do not have theme parks. They are a drain on the entire metro area and people avoid them by the millions.

What we need of are thousands of cookie cutter homes in our suburbs. The land that Grand Texas might be built on should be used for a car dealership, a nice strip center, rows of aluminum warehouses or more freeway side junk yards to serve the much needed thousands of homes of which there is a great shortage of in the Woodlands area. Even a refinery or factory built in that spot would make Houston a more pleasant place to raise a family.

ALL theme park development in Houston MUST be stopped before it's too late. The quality of life of all residents in the greater Houston area is in jeopardy. The entire metro from Pearland to Sugarland to Baytown to Conroe must work together so that the residents that live around the proposed Grand Texas theme park receive priority status and that they are not inconvenienced in any way. Their happiness should be every Houstonian's top priority.

Just kidding.

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