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Houston Had Rock Concerts to Celebrate Freeway Openings


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I don't know about the Greenspoint location. But here is a link where Huey Lewis played at the opening of a different section.


I seem to remember a story that the opening was delayed by a day or two after the party due to beer, coke, popcorn, etc from the party solidifying on the new lanes and having to be scraped off. Probably just urban legend. Also thought Huey Lewis performed at 59S and Beltway 8 but article says it was a different section. Oh well - too many dead brain cellls.

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I definitely remember Huey Lewis playing the concert on the Beltway near Greenspoint. The stage was set up on the west side of I-45. I also remember all the rats living in the drainage ditches nearby. You had to walk past them to get back to the cars. Great concert, though!

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I went to the Huey Lewis concert. It was all free.

It was on the newly-constructed tollway section of the Beltway, just west of I-45. I did not see any rats. ;-)

Great concert and they were giving out free SunChips, which I believe were just being introduced at the time.

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