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Houston Fire Station No. 13 At 2215 W. 43rd St.


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I just read a very short wiki write up about Oak Forest. It showed a picture of FIRE STATION 13 IN 1950.


Anybody know where it was located?

It must have disappeared not too long after that. I do remember the fire station adjoining or very close to a big white lodge type building on W.34, just west of Shepherd on the north side of the street. And, what was that building? Maybe a Masonic Lodge?

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The background is on the city's web page:


"Station 13 went into service at 428 West 18th in 1928. Station 13 was located at West 18th and Nicholson in 1918 and was relocated in 1956 to West 43rd and T. C. Jester.

"This station was renovated in FY 1993. Station 13 was closed in February 2008 for additional renovations and was re-opened April 28, 2008."

Looks like the newer station 13 is the same one you refer to also. There don't seem to be any lodge-type buildings around there now; also the current station 13 is on the south side of the street...

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Here is the story about the big white building with the fire station on W.34th ST. (from a fiend and former Garden Oaks Civic Club member.

" It was originally the Garden Oaks Water Company and GO Volunteer Fire Station (before GO was annexed into the City in the 50's. After annexation it became COH Fire Station #34 until a replacement was built on Crosstimbers in the 80's. The GO Civic Club/Board of Trustees had managed and even rented the old water company side but after HFD moved out, the building fell into disrepair ( it was frame with a concrete floor that had no moisture barrier). The Civic Club tried to buy it from the city but while we researched the ownership chain, etc., it went too far down to save. The City demolished the building, and put the property up for auction. Not sure of ownership now."

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  • The title was changed to Houston Fire Station No. 13 At 2215 W. 43rd St.

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