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Subdivisions Map?


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Anyone know of a good map that shows most of the subdivisions in Houston? I am just entirely tired of hearing about this subdivision or that and having no idea where they are.

My opinion is that many of these subdivisions are very loose terms and hard to quantify because of local misnomers and overlap. Like say part of Gessner that one person calls Whispering Oaks, another calls Tealwood and another calls Bunker Hill.

Any help is appreciated.

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Probably the best way to find out where any given SD is, is to get on HAR.com and run an all property types search with the only criteria being the subdivision name...then look at the map and see where the houses are.

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Unless you can pull all the plat records in the city/county from HCAD. But it won't be in a map. With some GIS software you may be able to create a map. A little time consuming.

Remember, a subdivision could consist of as little as two lots. For example: If one lot in the Heights is subdivided, it will be given a new name as a new subdivision. Typically small subdivisions are just given a legal name and it is not used other than on legal documents.

My home along with the other 7 along the private driveway was part of one lot off Kansas Street in the Cottage Grove area (TC jester and I-10). The original large lot was part of Cottage Grove. Now it has been subdivided into 8 lots, it is now called Kansas Green. We're not going to have a sign or anything called Kansas Green. We are still in coversation going to say Cottage Grove.

I think you may be looking for more of a neighborhood type map versus a subdivision map.

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