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Hens for Homes--- allowing back yard flocks

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Heard from Hens for Homes ( I think there is also a Hens for Houston with a similiar goal) at Neartown meeting


guess there a few people living inside the loop that would like to have under 6 hens (no roosters) in order to have fresh eggs and want to change the COH ordinances and have a petition


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The folks who used to live next door to us built a coop and kept chickens for a couple of years. They failed to keep their fence secured so the chickens would get out and wander around. Until today I never realized there was a city ordinance prohibiting raising chickens. I don't know if they got cited or just decided it was a hassle, but they got rid of them.

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it's a silly ordinance. especially when you consider what other fowl you can keep as a resident. I'd sign the petition to remove this ordinance, if I cared enough.

however, as a person who keeps a garden with fresh veges, and having had a neighbor that kept chickens, they will tear up a bed faster than anything.

I opted for chicken wire, rather than a pellet gun, but now that they are gone. I have removed the chicken wire, and have noticed how much of a pain it was to work around the chicken wire to take care of the beds.

next time, I'll consider a dog, or maybe I'll go with the original idea of a pellet gun.

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