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Pearland Homeowners Demand City Council Block Proposed Medical Development

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Pearland homeowners demand city council block proposed hospital, medical development

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 5:39 pm


The Pearland City Council gave preliminary approval to a proposed zone change that would advance plans for a new medical development to include a 40-bed general acute-care hospital, a medical office building and a memory care facility Monday (May 14).

The proposed development is located on the east and west sides of Pearland Parkway, north of Barry Rose.

A group of nearby homeowners from the Lakes of Highland Glen subdivision said they opposed the development and urged the council to deny the zone change.

The residents say the new development will cause increased traffic on Pearland Parkway and excessive light and noise pollution. One resident also said building the hospital would cause home values to drop and cause an increase in crime.

“When you have an emergency room you are going to have increased vagrancy,” Lakes of Highland Highland Glen resident Steve Greer said. “You are going to have people coming there seeking drugs, that is a huge problem in our emergency rooms.

“You are going to have a magnet to draw people out of high crime areas into our backyards,” he said.

Greer also asked the council as elected officials to consider the needs of homeowners when making their decision.

“I think it is important everybody here realizes we want politicians who support the local Pearland homeowner,” Greer said. “Our slogan for a while was Pearland was the homeowners’ paradise. This is where you want to come and build your house. We are not an industrial or commercial place.”

One council member said she feels the individual rights of property owners are an important consideration.

“As a government official I also have to think about zoning,” Councilmember Susan Sherrouse said. “I am all about property rights. When you buy property you should be able to do what you want to do with it. But then people want to tell their neighbors what to do with their property.

“I am very proud that Pearland has zoning and that we have a planning and zoning commission. We take that into serious consideration because our homeowners are very important to us,” she said. “But, then again our businesses are also very important to us.”

The city council will consider final approval at a meeting scheduled Monday (May 21).


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You have got to be kidding me. I wonder how quickly those residents would run to this hospital if they were in an emergency. Nah, they probably want to drive halfway across Pearland instead. I doubt Pearland will be as stupid as the residents and will just approve the hospital building. What are the protesters going to say? "We don't want hospitals and care facilities in our neighborhoods"? Or, "we are NOT the Texas Medical Center"? Seriously.

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The funniest part of all this is the whining about the drop in property values. I lived in Angleton for many years growing up. Going south on 288 was the dreariest drive imaginable. Everything around what is now Pearland (back then Pearland was many miles away over on Highway 35) was absolute scrub. Wasn't usable for rice farming or ranching. For years the only viable business between Reed Rd. and Angleton was a mud-bog pit at one of the county roads.

Man, I wish we had bought some of that scrub land back then - it was going for like $400 an acre. Probably would have given a two-for the price of one deal.

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They should be so lucky to have this type of amenity in close proximity. Worried about crime - please - they are lucky it's not a big retail center - that's what attracts crime! Not hospitals -

I thought it was mass transit.

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Not in my backyard: Residents storm out of council meeting following medical complex approval

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:57 pm | Updated: 3:39 pm, Tue May 22, 2012.


A zoning variance requested by developers of a proposed medical development received final approval by the Pearland City Council at a meeting held Monday (May 21).

After the vote, a group of angry residents stormed out of the council chambers.

A few people yelled and shouted at council members as they left, vowing to make their voices heard at the next election.

“Build that hospital and we guarantee you 1,000 homeowners won’t vote for this,” one resident called out.

“There is going to be a lot more voter turnout the next time around,” said another resident.

“It really, really, really shows that (the council doesn’t want to) keep Pearland beautiful!” yelled one person.

“You guys are worthless!” shouted another person as he walked out the door.

Most of the roughly 75 people who came to voice their concerns were residents of the Lakes of Highland Glen subdivision which sits squarely next to the proposed medical development.

According to developers, the project includes plans for a 40-bed hospital, a medical office building and a senior-living community devoted to memory care. The 123 acre area affected by the zoning request includes land on both the east and west side of Pearland Parkway, just north of Barry Rose. However, developers say construction will only affect a 17-acre parcel of the land.

Among the issues raised by residents who spoke during public comment involved potential problems with light and noise pollution; voicing concerns about around-the-clock ambulance sirens and bright lights from the hospital and parking lot shining into people’s homes. Drainage and potential flooding were also an issue that was brought up by residents. Others said the development should be moved to west Pearland or the site of a long-awaited HEB store to be built at the corner of Pearland Parkway and FM 518.

Some speakers accused the council of playing dirty politics and unethical behavior.

“Why change it (the zoning) here when there is an abundance of commercial land all over town including the property at the corner of Pearland Parkway and FM 518? Why doesn’t the hospital develop one of those tracts?” Alfred Ramirez asked the council. “The answer is simple but hasn’t been discussed: money. The hospital saves a lot of money when it buys residential land because it is far cheaper than commercial real estate. Then (the developer) turns around and asks the city to rezone the land. It is a bait-and-switch plain and simple. The hospital is in it to make money but to make it work the city has to play along.

“Our property values are going to decrease because the city government chose to side with big business looking to make more money at the expense of my neighbors,” he also said. “A big outfit comes to town, hires an insider as a consultant and lobbyist who is able to spearhead this effort through despite the objections of the local population.”

Dr. Ryan Coleman, a resident of the subdivision who said he worked in the medical center as a pediatric ICU doctor said he opposed the proposed hospital because it did not offer medical services for children. He went on to say it was unethical for the physician owners to be able to refer patients to their own for-profit hospital.

“These are for-profit physicians who are referring to themselves which is questionable,” Coleman said. “This will not provide the care that people need. I don’t think this is a hospital for the community; this is a hospital for the physicians. “

“We expect you to do your job and represent us,” he also said. “Should you choose not to represent us and instead represent a small for-profit company that has questionable bottom-line business ethics you can also know that we will choose (someone else) who will better represent us in the future.”

Tim Delgado, who spoke on behalf of the developers defended the project and claimed some opposers had launched a smear campaign against University General Health System.

“This development will be a first-class physician-centered hospital, a faith-based senior-living community for memory care, a small medical office building and possibly a small scale nursing facility; all of which are adjacent to a strip center with a restaurant, a bar, a 24-hour emergency room and a massage spa,” he said.

“After reading and hearing some of the derogatory emails and statements it appears some of those opposed want to turn this into a personal attack or an attack on University,” he said.

Delgado also alleged some residents who opposed the medical development were reportedly spreading misinformation.

“This type of distortion where opinions attempt to outweigh the truth and where a few loud individuals try to drown out the voices of reason and common sense are unfortunate and in my opinion, do not serve the interests of the entire Pearland community,” he said.

After more than an hour of public comments, council members each voiced their views prior to the vote. However, residents shouting from the audience repeatedly interrupted the council discussions.

“We are the third largest city in an 11-county area. It is Houston, Pasadena and it is us and we don’t have a hospital,” Councilmember Woody Owens said.

“Build a bigger one; you’ve got plenty of land!” someone called out from the audience.

A few minutes later another person interrupted Owens again, calling out “That’s inappropriate,” and “You’re wrong!”

Councilmember Scott Sherman said it was wrong to make personal attacks and expressed his frustration that several people had accused the council of being dishonest.

“I have no problem with residents coming here and expressing their opinions, expressing their concerns, expressing their frustrations. But I will not sit up here and have my integrity questioned based on false accusations, on made-up stories or past history that I had no involvement in. I am here to listen to you. I am here to represent you and the entire city of Pearland,” he said.

“That is not why we are here; we are here to make an informed decision. We are not here to be attacked,” he said.

Councilmember Greg Hill also voiced concerns about alleged personal attacks and unwarranted accusations.

“I don’t think anyone takes too kindly to threats,” he said. “I understand it is an emotional argument. But we all are responsible for our comments whether emotion is involved or not. But, we are up here doing a service to the community. If you don’t want to vote for me or you don’t think I work hard enough then just vote me out of office. But that shouldn’t be a threat; it just means I’m not doing my job.”

“It is also disingenuous, and quite frankly insulting, to suggest that none of us have done any research on this,” he said. “I’m not taking this issue lightly; I’m doing my homework.”

Councilmember Susan Sherrouse encouraged the residents to stay involved in city government and make their voices heard at the polls.

“The reason I got involved in city government is because of zoning. This is my passion; this is what I think is very important,” Sherrouse said. “We need to develop. We need to plan for what our city is today and we need to plan for what it will be tomorrow. We all have a common vision. We all love our town; that’s why we moved here.”

During Sherrouse comments, someone shouted to her from the audience.

“We don’t think you listen to us!” he called out and others yelled out in reply “Yeah!” causing the room to break out in loud applause.

After asking for any final comments from the council, Mayor Reid finally ended the discussion and called for the vote. The council then voted unanimously to approve the zone variance request.


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Does anyone know how it turned out @ Pearland City Council last night?

Someone started another thread


Guess they will be merged soon enough but this subject is going to be worth a case of beer and who knows how much popcorn. Walmart and Ashby, will have to make a little room.

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  • The title was changed to Pearland Homeowners Demand City Council Block Proposed Medical Development

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