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METRORail East End Half Done


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Got this press release in the e-mail today.



METRORail Construction Nearly Halfway

East End Line Station Construction Now Underway

Construction progress for three new METRO light-rail lines is more than 45 percent complete and expected to end in time for 2014 service dates. Station construction is already underway for the first three rail stations on the East End (Green) Line - which will connect to the existing Main St. (Red) Line. Station progress was at eight percent on February 20, 2012 and includes work on EaDO/Stadium Station, Lockwood/Eastwood Station, and the Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station.

“We’ve achieved a noteworthy landmark on this major undertaking for Houston’s future,” said David Couch, senior vice president, capital programs, METRO and director of the METRORail expansion project. “Light rail is transforming the city with economical, fast, safe and environmentally-friendly transit options. We are excited to see this progress.”

The stations are a contemporary design, with steel beam columns supporting a glass canopy. The EaDo/Stadium Station is located at Texas and Bastrop, in front of the BBVA Compass Stadium where the Houston Dynamos are set to begin playing this May. The station’s center platform design allows riders to board from either side.

On Harrisburg, the Lockwood/Eastwood Station platform is taking shape with two separate platforms, one for each direction. Construction has also begun on the Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station between York and Hutcheson.

METRORail’s Central Station Main, which will be located at Main Street and Rusk, will feature its own unique architectural style to showcase its’ prominence.

Arts in Transit


METRORail’s Arts in Transit program will transform new stations into art landscapes. Each station will showcase unique and original art from 22 artists, including 20 from the Houston area.

“The Arts in Transit program brings art to each station that reflects the character of its surrounding neighborhood,” said Couch. “This program enriches our communities with a wide variety of art that enhances the appearance of the stations.”

With artwork from local artist Dan Havel, the EaDo/Stadium Station will include original designs that celebrate Houston’s sports teams: the Texans, Astros, Dynamos and Rockets.

“The windscreen images depict a moment during all the games where a catch is made, reflecting the concept of the public using the METRO light-rail station to catch the trains or catch the action at a nearby game,” said Havel.

The Lockwood/Eastwood Station will feature artwork of starling birds from Ryan Geiger. Painting from his studio in Houston’s Eastwood neighborhood, Geigerdraws inspiration from the birds that inhabit his inner-city yard.

“My desire is to illuminate the Lockwood/Eastwood station with the beauty that I find just a half a block away,” said Geiger.

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I know this is a small part of the release, and its all great news. But they should really get it right. Its Houston Dynamo (as the singular or plural), not Dynamos...

Looking forward to seeing how the Stations turn out.

Nothing tops the shirt I bought from the Dynamo Store (run by MLS) after they won their first title...


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  • The title was changed to METRORail East End Half Done

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