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The Austin Company Proposed Building In Upper Kirby

Bob Plumb

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Hi everyone. I have been a long time casual reader but today had a cause to join because I have something cool to share.

Without getting too specific about the location I found an old torn set of plans in an abandoned building out in the woods around Missouri City. They appear to be from the early 1960s I would guess. There are no dates shown. The plans are for a possible eight story building near the 59 & Kirby area. A television studio and a nightclub are shown.

I am very curious as to what television studio this was.

Does anyone recognize it or have any idea?

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. I couldn't get any good lighting. I can try again if need be.)


Floor plans for tv studio


Area map


Title Box


8th Floor Nightclub plans

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Wow...the things u find in abandoned bldgs. I love that type-face, 1940's style. I find the drug store interesting. Don't recall ever seeing one at that exact location. Channel 13 is located a little further southwest.thanks for sharing & welcome to HAIF, Bob. I'll keep looking for info.

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There was a place called "Bardio" there in the 60s to 80s in the space that's now Magic Island (currently abandoned). Just 2 floors though. Might have dated from the adoptation of liquor-by-the-drink here in Houston. Had transmitter tower on the sign.

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I was looking through the Broadcasting Magazine archives for something unrelated, and may have found the answer to this in a 1969 issue. There was a blurb about a new station in Houston, KVRL (now KRIV Fox 26) announcing plans for studios in a 10-story building at 59 and Greenbriar. Obviously, this didn't happen, as their original studios were on Westheimer.

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  • The title was changed to Old Houston TV Studio Building Plans Found In The Woods
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