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A Treasure Chest Of Historic Early Houston


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This link is one of the best I've come across and shows what it was truly like in the early 1900's Houston. Looking at some of those sidewalks and block numbers that I have personally walked down really enforces how wonderful the gift of photography is to all of society, without it we would live in a very boring world.

Use the drop down box to choose the photo selection you want to browse


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http://digital.lib.uh.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/p15195coll3&CISOPTR=133&REC=8 ...a photo of one of the military bldgs. on UH campus. I searched for the previous HAIF discussion on the last remaining UH bldg. like this one, couldn't locate it. It's here somewhere. There was a Veteran's Village on the campus. A few pics below...


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