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The Woodlands: Proposed High-Rise


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Here's a map of where the building would go. Looks like it is going to sit behind the first tower--at the corner of Woodloch Forest Dr. and Lake Robins Dr. I remember seeing a rending of the building a few years back. It looked to be about 20 stories tall with the same color glass as the first tower and was a block instead of a rounded type building like the main tower. However I that was 2 or 3 years ago. With that said, I *think* it has always been the plan to build another Anadarko building on the property.


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I hope it's a different design for sure.

I like the design ok, but yeah, I'd like something different too, just to break things up. But I wouldn't mind if they use the same glass. The building always looks different as it takes on the mood of the weather conditions and it makes it look very beautiful and different all the time.

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A friend of mine had a girl from China come visit him, and she thought that Greenspoint was downtown. Heh.

I can imagine, especially for visitors coming from the airport, that's the first skyline they see. If people from out of town could only seethe entire Houston area and just how many skylines there are they would be surprised.

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