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Texas City Collection


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Excellent, find the site very user friendly!

I don't know much about Texas City, looks like there are many bldgs. still standing.

My dad used to talk about the explosion, and show us the anchor that landed far away, by some hotel near Galveston Bay.

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The home with a circular driveway at 100 20th Avenue North was owned by some freinds of my parents back in the late 50's and ealry 60's. I remember visting there once or twice before hurricane Carla. I was very young, however the house reminded me of homes in Tanglewood of the same era.

I can't recall their names but I do remember calling the lady Aunt Helen. Her husband owned a ship's supply company that was located on the Gulf Freeway as the only tenant of a failed business park that was developed right before Carla. What remains of the structure can still be seen on the feeder street just north of the Texas City Wye intersection.

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