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Drive-In Restaurant On West Gray St.


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This should probably go in the defunct restaurant section but does any one remember a drive in restaurant on W. Gray near Captain John's? Please -a colleague and I cannot remember the name. We think the name started with a "W" ( we don't think it was Weber's).:huh:

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Was it across the street? The closest thing I could find for 1963 was the Blue Grass Inn.

My colleague says that the drive inn was across the street from Captain John's and Fred Astaire dance studio. Blue Grass inn was a chicken joint and she thinks that Rettig's and Blue Grass were in business before the drive inn was in operation.

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The Waugh Hoo Drive Inn (!) was at the corner of Waugh and Gray (on the other side of W Gray but a couple blocks east of Captain John's)..

Thanks a million-Let's see if this jives with my colleague's remembrances. Where in the sam hill did you find this info??

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Haha...sevfiv's good at that! Was probably an old directory.

Found out today my colleague was wrong about it starting with a "W"; she finally remembered the place...the Buccaneer Drive Inn. She also remembered the Waugh Hoo after I mentioned sevfiv's post.

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