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May 21, 2011 Demolition Day

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From Councilwoman Adams enewsletter

This upcoming Saturday District D has 16 dangerous buildings that will finally rid the community of the vagrants, animals, and other quality of life threatening characteristics common with dangerous structures .

Beginning at 9am this Saturday May 21, Mayor Annise Parker will open 2011 Demolition Day at 4223 Charleston in the heart of the Macgregor/3 Ward Community.

Please take note of these properties in your community below:

5101 Airport Blvd 77048

5151 Airport Blvd 77048

5155 Airport Blvd 77048

5189 Airport Blvd 77048

10401 Cathedral 77051

4223 Charleston 7021

5527 Flamigo 77033

5530 Greylog 77048

3605 Live Oak 77004

3805 Lydia 77021

3433 Seabrook 77021

5010 Wilmington 77033

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The city "goes after" the costs with the property owner somehow...right? Not that there's a huge successful collection rate, I'm sure...

Also, I hope they're taking care of all the Airport addresses - it looks like there has to be more than four abandoned properties all in a row. Here is a sampling of that strip:



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